I started working in the Fall of 2015 with a group of refugees in the province of Imperia, inland from the sea, in a hamlet, Ponti, of a small village, Pornassio, where I own properties in the midst of olive groves, chestnut forests and orchard. It was an idyllic setting but the limits of changing the attitudes of the inhabitants of that region became apparent and increased with the passing of each month. After a year and a half, I have moved my efforts to Genoa, a port city of a million inhabitants an hour and a half East of where I lived previously.  My original group with whom I am still in contact, is spread out from Northern Germany, Hamburg, to Southern Italy, Foggia, along with new ‘protegés’ from the multicultural neighborhood I now live in.

My hope is to enlarge my activities in Genoa and continue to engage refugees from all parts of Italy.